State-administered death is always a greater horror than any other by virtue of the methodical reasoning that precedes it. French philosopher Albert Camus wrote that "capital punishment is the most premeditated of murders". "The United States' concept of justifiable homicide/Executions in criminal law stands on the dividing line between an excuse, justification and an exculpation. In other words, it takes a case that would otherwise have been a murder or another crime representing intentional killing, and either excuses or justifies the individual accused from all criminal liability or treats the accused differently from other intentional killers.

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Polunsky Unit D.R.
3872 FM 350 South
Livingston -  Texas  77351

Death Row Information (

Ohio's  Death Row 


Chillicothe, Ohio 45601

P.O.Box 5500


Women on Death Row Texas 

Mountainview Unit, 2305 Ramson Road Gatesville, Texas 76528 U.S.A

Linda Carty #999406  



Freed from Death Row

Ernest Willis after 17 years on Death Row in Freedom
Anthony Graves  released from Death Row   ...after 14 years in 2006... finally in Freedom October 2010  
Kenneth E. Foster  30. August 2007 -A Victory - Gov.Perry  commuted his sentence to save his on political head 7 hours before the scheduled execution!!! 
John Paul Penry #000654 John Penry, one of Texas' most high-profile retardation homicide cases.
Mr. Penry was convicted of rape and murder in Livingston in 1979, while on parole for another rape. A few years later, the Supreme Court ruled that the jury had not been able to properly consider Mr. Penry's mental capacity. The case was tried three times. Each time, the lower court's death sentence was reversed.
In February 2008, both sides agreed to commute the death sentence to three life sentences.
LaRoyce L. Smith #999007 Sentence reduced to life, #1511120 -03/27/2008
Michael Toney #999314   December 2008 death sentence overturned, September 2009 freed !on bail. Finally after 10 years on Death Row

Junius Burno PA Sentence overturned

Gabriel Gonzalez TX #999225  - Februar 1, 2009 his death sentence was changed in a life term with parole! Good luck for a new trail now.
Judge declares mistrial, gives life sentence to  John Wade Adams # 999278 August 1, 2010
Adrian Estrada #999521 agrees to life without parole
April 21, 2011
Anthony Pierce #000587  Anthony Pierce being taken off death row! In 2012 after 34 years on death row Texas.
February 11, 2013 - Charles Hood  #000982  Re-sentenced to life last week.  Will not receive credit for 20 years served on Death Row Texas !!
Chris Wayne Shuffield of Texarkana was resentenced November 12, 2014 to life. He's eligible for parole after 40 years.
Christian Olsen # 999546 - HAS NOW RECEIVED A LIFE SENTENCE
Hector Garcia #000985  - death sentence reversed after 25 years
Manuel Velez 06/19/2013 sentence commuted
Roosevelt Smith 
Robert  J. Campbell #999032 TX -Robert signed a life sentence 27th June 2017
Duane Buck # 999231  takes deal/slapped with new charges 
Michael Norris #000873
Juan Castillo #999502  
Nelson Gongora
Albert Love ( 999583 )
David Lewis (#000866)

In Memoriam

and Rest in Peace

Alexander Rey Martinez † Gave up his appeals 
Cameron Todd Willingham † - An innocent man executed.
Christopher (Chad) Britton  #999426 † found death in his cell
Corey Jennings † died in his cell after an hard illness  
Derrick Frazier  † August 31, 2006
Donald Loren Aldrich  †
Lamont Reese † 
Luis Ramirez †
Mauriceo M. Brown † IN MEMORY - Messages to Heaven
Melvin White †
Robert Shields  †
Richard Rossi † Arizona
Derrick Frazier †
Farley C. Matchett † IN MEMORIAM
Michael D. Johnson  † Cheating the needle freed himself...., committed suicide hours before his planned execution
Donell O'Keith Jackson  †
Willie Marcel Shannon † Lawyers’ late filings took away final appeal
James Lewis Jackson † 
Newton Anderson  † 
Roberto Perez † 
Roy Lee Pippin  † 
Chris Newton - Ohio fulfiled his wish ... † 
Lonnie Earl  Johnson  † 
John Joe Amador: Give them peace God for people seeking revenge toward me ... RIP John
Karl Chamberlain † executed by the  state of Texas June 11, 2008
Derrick Sonnier-Bey † Texas †

Carlton A. Turner  †  

Larry Donell Davis  Rest in Peace
Jose Medellin †  Texas Executes Mexican National in Defiance of World Court
Heliberto Chi   †  
Alvin Kelly    †  
Kevin Michael Watts  †  
Robert Jean Hudson †   RIP
Frank Moore executed by the state of TX
Willie Earl Pondexter  an unsolved murder by the state of Texas.
Michael Rosales † 13th inmate put to death since the start of the year 2009 in Texas
Derrick Johnson †  
Christopher B. Colemann †  
Steven Moody †
Danielle Simpson  †  
Bobby Woods †
LeRoy Nash  † Oldest US death row inmate dead
as executed Michael Sigala March 2,2010
William Berkley executed April 22, 2010
Samuel Bustamante- Rest in Peace
Michael Perry †     
Derrick Jackson †  
TX -Ronnie Joe Neal,39  found dead in his cell...† 
Peter A. Cantu † Killed August 17,2010 by TX
Larry Wooten †
Cary D. Kerr † Texas on May 3rd 2011 carried out its first execution using a sedative often used to euthanize animals.
Lee A. Taylor  †
Milton W. Mathis †
PA: Robert Talib Douglas, died - Rest in peace
Humberto Leal Garcia Jr † The world, even the US president has watched to Texas ...  
Mark Strφman † Victim Forgives, Texas' Execution 
Martin Robles †

Steven Woods  † Texas murdered a man again on September 13, 2011 

Guadalupe Esparza † was killed like planned by the state of Texas
Santos Minjarez , 40 died January 14, 2012 in hospital 
Arizona Execution: Robert Moormann, who killed his mother is executed R.I.P. 
Arizona executed Robert C. Towery † ... his diary details of final weeks
Jesse Hernandez †      TDJC ID 999425  
Beunka Adams † RIP
Marvin Lee Wilson TDCJ number 999098  
Cleve Foster # 248 for Gov. Perry 
BOBBY Lee HINES "No one deserves to be strapped down to that gurney to die!" RIP
Donnie Lee Roberts #....  
Ramon T. Hernandez RIP
Preston Hughes III ... RIP my friend, what a thin mind in Texas, after 23 years in a single cell a need for murder ... - Sorry and  many tried to save a life,  yours. I know the fight started late  with your then good friends.
Ronnie Threadgill  Rest in Peace and yes, a better place than Texas Death Row is yours! Sorry we have such places on earth!
Carroll J. Parr     R.I.P.                                            
Jeffrey Williams #999350   RIP ---- comments to Cops celebrating killings .. 
John Manuel Quintanilla # 999491 
Vaughn Ross  Teaxas' execution RIP
Douglas Feldman #999326  Teaxas' execution
Robert Gene Garza #999466 † RIP
Anthony D. Doyle Texas 
Willie Tyrone Trottie (# 999085)  executed by the State of Texas  Sept.10th 2014
Miguel Angel Paredes Rest in Peace
Robert C. Ladd (# 999237 TX# for killing)
Manuel Fernando Garza ( # 999434 )God bless y'all. I will see you on the other side.'
Max Alexander Soffar  died of cancer in his cell ... RIP!
Terry Darnell Edwards 
Robert Pruett  "We failed Robert Pruett from childhood on." Then Texas executed him October, 12.2017
Anthony A. Shore  Texas 
Rosendo Rodriguez  RIP
Danny Paul Bible (999455
Troy Clark Texas   
Daniel Clate Acker (999381
Alvin A. Braziel, Jr. (999393)
Billie W. Coble (976)
Robert Sparks (999542)
Travis Runnels