State-administered death is always a greater horror than any other by virtue of the methodical reasoning that precedes it. French philosopher Albert Camus wrote that "capital punishment is the most premeditated of murders". "The United States' concept of justifiable homicide/Executions in criminal law stands on the dividing line between an excuse, justification and an exculpation. In other words, it takes a case that would otherwise have been a murder or another crime representing intentional killing, and either excuses or justifies the individual accused from all criminal liability or treats the accused differently from other intentional killers.

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Danielle Simpson 


" Kill me or set me free ", Danielle Simpson 

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Texas set Danielle Simpson’s execution date for November 18, 2009 

Published: August 15, 2009 
Date set for Simpson execution
The Palestine Herald
H-P Associate Editor

Condemned killer Danielle Simpson is scheduled to die in November
after a local state district judge set his execution date late last

On Thursday, 87th State District Judge Deborah Oakes Evans signed an
order setting Simpson’s execution date for Nov. 18 in Huntsville,
according to Anderson County District Attorney Doug Lowe.

The door was opened for the setting of Simpson’s execution date after
the New Orleans-based Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled he had the
legal right to waive further review of his case.

Earlier this year, the 29-year-old Simpson expressed a desire to
expedite his execution rather than exhaust his entire range of appeals.
Danielle Simpson v Quarterman
Motion to dismiss appeal granted

Against all Odds - March 2007

Rebirth - March 2007  

“No Struggle, No Progress” - March 2007



“No Struggle, No Progress”

To all those that don’t know, or may not have a clue.  I would like to engage a spare moment of your time and speak upon the struggle of those (including myself), that’s actively embedded in the struggle here on the Polunsky Unit Death Row.  Though not only am I surrounded by the reality of a dying culture, I’m also living amongst a dying breed of others like myself that are caught up in the struggle/an warfare, of fighting to save our lives.  Though we as men are indeed human beings, and to a full degree of acknowledgement, deserve the general respect of being treated as human beings.  Therefore, in regards to my daily life being caged up behind the concrete walls of this injustice environment, I indeed struggle as more so, I suffer a great sum of suppressions due to the inhumane injustice of being mistreated, not only amongst the deteriorated cruel and unusual punishment…but a worse fraction of degraded oppression, that creeps through and beyond the disgrace of this evil, unjust, bloodthirsty system.  As though I wish to say, this circumstance of time is more than a struggle, it’s a unjust warfare of not only life/and death, but a progress to define the overall righteousness, from the devaluation of evil.  Therefore, a selected few of offenders has whole-heartedly become engaged, and are highly active in a unity protest of resistance…basically to stand in true solidarity to show the devaluated minds of the administrators/and all those that’s in favor to/and with the injustice of the death penalty, that “we” are willing to stand against the brutal/and inhumane abusiveness of mistreatment, that we engage daily.  Therefore, I’ve like to utilize a example before you in due means to what I’m sharing in additions of…“No Struggle, No Progress!!”  

Whereas in the beginning, it begins like a woman that’s going through the extreme painfulness of her laboring pregnancy.  The physical, emotional and mental pain that’s assimilated upon a mother during her enduring moments of contractions/and labor…is indeed an extremely painful and traumatic effect.  However, that same saturated pressure of painfulness/and traumatism dwells upon myself in general, as I thrive on miseries of being imprisoned on this demoralized Polunsky Unit Death Row.  Though I struggle daily, trying to stay strong, positive, and focused…it’s the warfare of oppressions “alone” that causes my struggle to be so highly active/and resistant as it is.  Because, not only am I living to die, I’m more or less living and seeking to be “free”…free from the cruel/and evil injustices that have prices over my head, having me so disorientated, traumatized etc.  That I often feel the contractions of pain, not from the labor of giving birth, but the labor of pain as being deprived, suppressed/and repressed, treated as if I’m a wild animal that’s just been captured from the wild jungle, that’s far and beyond wanders land of my ancestors in South Africa.  

And though I’m confined here on death row, I’m not just sitting here caged up in my cage 23 hours a day, just waiting to become the next dessert in the assembly line’s menu, to serve unto the blood thirsty, hunger salutation of this mass murdering injustice, that regards inhumane cruel and unusual punishment.  I’m indeed standing against all odds in resistance…amongst solidarity to R.I.S.E. for my activism is more than necessary, it’s a driven purpose that’s beyond a doubt…“No Struggle, No Progress!!”  

Indeed, no struggle, no progress is more than just how it sounds, or how one may conserve its point of views.  It’s more or less a mobilized revolutionary protest, in which my activism of resistance, it’s well worth a struggle to not only be observed, discussed, or placed beyond considerations…this is a struggle to be engaged by “all” and progressed.  Because the Texas Death Penalty is so far beyond out of control with it’s stigmatized corruptions of inhumane killings by lethal injection, that I seldom feel as if…I’m slowly being murdered daily, as the days of my life passes me by.  With so much pressure in the air, I’m not only focused on my daily struggles of warfare, I’m focused and programmed on progress.  And being that my daily life seems so highly indifferent/and impossible to cope with, I’d rather struggle with the odds, than suffer the 1 to 5 grams of dosage of sodium thiopental injected in my veins, causing me to slowly suffer the cruel/and inhumane punishment of becoming aberrational.  Because being that I’m caged up 23 hours a day in a small solitary cell of confinement, I’m engaged in a degraded warfare battling against the evil oppressions that violates my focus, generally by the negative pressures of impure distractions that torture my mind.  Which is how the sodium thiopental operates, it makes the brain unconscious by depressing the central nervous system, slowing the heart/and lowering the blood pressure.  And being that a person my be aware of what’s happening, this is still a violation to the cruel/and unusual punishment of inhumane tortures, which is how I seldom feel as being engaged in this struggle of life on death row.  

Needless to say, there’s been a great sum of time period that I’ve seldom felt.  As if I’ve been injected with the second drug of lethal injection…which is the pancuronium bromide.  And what this drug accommodates once it’s been injected in the veins of a human body, its effects is far more than cruel, it’s critically brutal…because it paralyzes one diaphragm, and ultimately adjust one breathing well beyond this point.  I can legate to the cause/and effects of this crucial affection, one of many ways but to address the most important…being that I’m not only surrounded, but I’m living amongst a dying breed of individuals, other men…”human beings” as we are…we’re not only products of our own self-character we’re soldiers engaged in a life/and death warfare.  

And last but not least, for the ending remains of this inhumane violation struggle of brutal punishment, I very seldom feel dysfunctional at this point in time mostly by my surroundings/and its demoralized pressures of being caged up 23 hours a day, as if I’m lost in the raging destructions of a whirlwind…But yet, I’m engaged to this struggle to progress because the potassium chloride which is the final drug utilized in the process of lethal injection.  It’s a extreme burning sensation to the body, causing excessive pain, torture, and suffering as the heart fights, with every strength of iheart fights, with every strength of its might, to “not” stop functioning and taking it’s last breath, as the potassium chloride defeats the struggle after all by stopping the heart from beating…you’re dead!!  Now can somebody…anybody tell me why we die?  Simple…“No Struggle, No Progress,” let’s engage as a unity and fight the struggle…  

In Solidarity,

D. Simpson


Against All Odds

Death is the truth of life

Life is the the Air that we breathe

The love that we keep

The desire we touch

The thoughts that we feel

In means that, ... thoughts cause effect

Against all odds

The body we live in, is teflon coated 

That gives a form to the living

The living interconnected

To all the living that ever were, ....

Against all odds!!

Time, is the road that's built upon shadows

Of souls of all ever to be alive

As if it's so hard to say good-bye to yesterday

Time measures life

God measures death

Against all odds

I'm set to embrace the edge of eternity

And smile

As I remain in solidary

Against the odds!!


© By: D. Simpson











I'm a deep dark story ... As my thoughts are a secret unto themselves

The blood of time-traveling

Held on so tightly to my belief in magic, in simultaneous eternal time

I wonder ... if my culture is my future, that my thoughts don't proceed in straight lines

That I can take back control of my life, that's no longer colonial subjects

That the weapon that's going to win is light here 

The revolution is light here

The groove what's freestyling in my heart

New and revolutionary communication

That's reflected in my actions and manner

Teflon coated, time blue is my loyal banner

mixed race, amidst this dying-breed of piace

Can't you see I'm a person of color

I'm a vowell-ladem savoir

Stuntin revolutionary mind flavors

Creepin, through the topical groth of my brain

Institutionalized, oppressed, it's all such a dirty games!!


© By: D. Simpson


May 2005

I am an incarcerated young man that’s 25 years of age, and imprisoned to the unjust system of Texas death row. My name is Danielle Simpson, and I’ve been confined amongst demoralized and lonely walls of this system, of a total additioning of 5 years...yet surviving and struggling against the unjustness of the courts and their systems, which are none other than a bunch of mass murderers. More so, I arrived unto this institutional system young of age, basically as a child....

However, since then, I’ve fully become fully grown and developed, as to becoming a righteously well matured man of such self-righteous and moral ambitions...therefore bestowing the man that I am that’s reared on solitary confinement and prison knowledge. The morals and values of my automatic mind has become extremely strengthening amongst the utmost indulgence of reading books, self-rehabilitation, prison knowledge, and heartfelt tears of such loneliness....Therefore I am still a child at heart, for the matters that I still indulge mentally within childish dreams of a great magnitude of the many ways that I can evaporate from the demoralizing torture and loneliness heartfelts of this death row system.

For this institution is none other than a physical adventure of misery...nevertheless it’s all within my profounded ways of rebelling these oppressive four white walls I’m living behind. However, at such moments of time (even the senses of my sanity) so it seems. Even the generalistic basics of interactions of human beings that are usually shared between the righteous of an amity. Despite being deprived....I still have the ambitions for the confraternity of amity. However, I must confirm that within all honesty I greatly miss the genuine opportunities of heartfelts as to sharing my innermost feelings with people, and , in turn, having them share them with me. More so, solitude has brought out the utmost values of passions, fidelity, security, and self-perseverance within myself.

However, I’m managing to gain the strengths to sustain myself, for I’m fighting everyday to preserve my sanity against the courts, and this mass murdering state that is anxiously awaiting to take my life...But beyond the passions, this isn’t my underlining purpose of this scribe is that, I’m seeking to befriend someone of any age, race, etc....that would become of both heartfelt and interested as to becoming unto whom that is interested, please do feel more than honorable to contact me at your desire...

Please respond to: Danielle Simpson




Ich bin ein 25-jähriger eingesperrter Mann im ungerechten System des texanischen Todestrakts. Mein Name ist Danielle Simpson und ich werde in den demoralisierenden und einsamen Mauern dieses Systems seit insgesamt 5 Jahren festgehalten… immer noch überlebend und kämpfend gegen die Ungerechtigkeit der Gerichte und ihr System, und die sind nichts als ein Haufen von Massenmördern. Und obendrein war ich, als ich in dieser Anstalt ankam sehr jung, eigentlich ein Kind….

Wie auch immer, ich wurde erwachsen und habe mich entwickelt in einen rechtschaffenen, reifen Mann mit moralischen Grundsätzen… daher habe ich den Mann zurückgedrängt, der in Einzelhaft aufwuchs und von Gefängniswissen erzogen wurde. Die Moral und Werte meiner automatisierten Sinne waren extrem hilfreich beim maßloses Bücherlesen, meiner eigenen Rehabilitation,  Gefängniswissen und der Tränen des Herzens wegen der starken Einsamkeit… Daher bin ich immer noch im Herzen ein Kind, da ich immer noch die Träume eines Kindes habe, wodurch ich auf viele Weise dem demoralisierenden und quälenden Gedanken und der herzzerreißenden Einsamkeit dieses Todestraktes entfliehen kann. Denn diese Institution ist nichts weiter als ein körperliches Abenteuer des Elends…  dennoch ist all das der Hintergrund meiner rebellischen Art gegen diese bedrückenden vier weißen Wände, hinter denen ich lebe. Irgendwie scheint es insbesonder in Zeiten wie diesen (sogar meine geistige Gesundheit) so. Sogar die grundlegend einfließenden, für gewöhnlich ausgetauschten, freundlichen Wutanfälle. Und obwohl benachteiligt… ich habe immer noch den Wunsch nach ausgetauschten Freundlichkeiten. Ich muss zugeben, dass ich trotz all der Ehrlichkeit  echte Gelegenheit, meine tief empfundenen Gefühle mit Menschen zu teilen und im Gegenzug Menschen, die diese mit mir teilen wollen, vermisse.  Mehr noch, durch die Abgeschiedenheit finde ich die Werte von Erregung, Treue, Sicherheit und Beharrlichkeit in mir selbst.

Trotzdem schaffe ich es, die Stärke zu finden, um nicht unterzugehen, denn jeden Tag kämpfe ich darum, meine geistige Gesundheit entgegen der Gerichte und den Massenmörder-Staat zu erhalten, der gierig darauf wartet, mein Leben zu nehmen..   Aber das ist nicht der Hauptgrund für mein Schreiben, ich suche einfach nur eine Freundschaft mit jemandem, egal welche Rasse, Alter u.s.w…. Das wäre für beide Seiten sicherlich interessant, Brieffreunde zu werden… also, wer auch immer interessiert ist, bitte fühlt Euch mehr als ehrenwert, Kontakt mit mir aufzunehmen wenn gewünscht…

Bitte schreibt an: 

Danielle Simpson