State-administered death is always a greater horror than any other by virtue of the methodical reasoning that precedes it. French philosopher Albert Camus wrote that "capital punishment is the most premeditated of murders". "The United States' concept of justifiable homicide/Executions in criminal law stands on the dividing line between an excuse, justification and an exculpation. In other words, it takes a case that would otherwise have been a murder or another crime representing intentional killing, and either excuses or justifies the individual accused from all criminal liability or treats the accused differently from other intentional killers.

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Frank Moore 


The state of Texas killed him on 21. January 2008

"Self-defense is not capital murder," he said from the death chamber gurney, repeating his unsuccessful claims to the courts to stop the punishment.

A fight for life ended here again ....
and we must say Goodbye ( Book )
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In Self-Defense:

A summary of the facts of my case.

By Frank Moore.  

My name is Frank Moore and I have been on Texas Death Row since November 20th 1996 .  I have been locked up since January 25th 1994 .  Caught up in this struggle and fight for my life and freedom.  

At this time I would like to share my fight for my life and freedom and the story of what happened that night so many years ago on January 21st 1994 .  

In this article I will show you the facts of my claim of self defense and all the evidence that has been used against me, and new evidence that my lawyers now have that proves I acted in self defence that night.  

As I write this article I am sitting in my cage on A-Pod-A-Section, which is death watch on Texas Death Row.  As I await my execution date set for January 21st 2009 .  As you can see the D.A’S office in San Antonio has jokes, my execution date is set for the same date that I killed Patrick Clark and Samuel Boyd in self defense.  Me, myself, I don’t see anything funny in this joke – feel me?  

The evidence presented at the second trial established that I shot and killed two individuals after an altercation in the parking lot of the Wheels of Joy Club in San Antonio , Texas , around 2:00am on January 21st, 1994 .  The persons killed were Samuel Boyd, 23 years old, and Patrick Clark, 15 years old.  The first peace officer on the scene found Boyd dead or dying in the passenger seat of an automobile and Clark lying dead next to the driver’s door.  

An investigator found shell casings in a location that suggested that the shots were fired from the left rear of the vehicle.  This evidence comported with the deputy medical examiners testimony that the tracks of the bullet wounds were generally from back to front, and left to right.  Boyd had been wounded by six bullets and Clark by five.  Boyd’s blood contained 0.28 grams per decilitre of ethanol alcohol.  Clark ’s blood contained 0.15 grams per decilitre of ethanol, as well as 0.25 milligrams per litre of diazepam, and 0.33 milligrams per litre of nor diazepam.  In the opinion of the medical expert, the latter two controlled substances were muscle relaxants… Both victims were acutely intoxicated at the times of their deaths.  

The State called Angela Wallace, who lived in Houston and was visiting San Antonio to attend the funeral of her uncle…  Prior to the night of the shootings, Wallace did not know anyone involved in the offense.  She testified that she and a friend, Lisa, had gone to an ice house across from the club called the Wheels of Joy Club.  Lisa was Boyd’s girlfriend.

Boyd met Lisa at the ice house and the two verbally argued.  Wallace left her friend and walked to the Wheels of Joy Club where she spent several hours in the nightclub, Boyd entered the club after Wallace had told her that Lisa had gone home.  During the evening Wallace saw Petitioner in the club and at one time Petitioner and Boyd shook hands and the two spoke and laughed.  She also saw Clark in the club, but did not see him have any contact with the Petitioner.  Wallace testified that she did not see Boyd or Clark acting drunk or argumentative.  Through out the evening, Petitioner came and spoke to Wallace and flirted with her. At one time, Wallace observed two women with Petitioner look at her strangely and she momentarily left the club to deposit her jewellery in her car.  As the club prepared to close, the Petitioner asked Wallace to save him the last dance and to give him her telephone number. Wallace refused to give Petitioner her number, but he offered to give his to her.  As the club was closing Petitioner was interrupted by a man who stopped and whispered to him, the two men then left the club.

Wallace failed to identify this other man from photographs as Ivory Sheffield, but later testified at Frank Moore’s trial that Ivory Sheffield tossed the rifle to Frank.

Robert Perry Smith admitted to police that he handed the rifle to Frank… So once again, Ms. Wallace has contradicted her statements. * See Robert Smith’s statement attached. 

When the club closed, Wallace left and went to the parking lot.  She testified that Petitioner, Boyd, Clark and another man “had a confrontation.. (an) exchange of words and someone pushed somebody.. It just broke up.. Just everybody started scattering a little bit”  

Wallace saw Clark ’s car come into the parking lot and stop.  She stated that the car did not come close to striking the Petitioner and it did not back up.  While Boyd must have at some point gotten into Clark ’s car, Wallace did not see him do so.  Wallace testified that she saw the Petitioner walk towards the back of Clark ’s car.  Sheffield got a rifle from the trunk of a Cadillac and tossed it to Petitioner, who started shooting into Clark ’s car.  Petitioner handed the gun back to Sheffield and left in a Cadillac. Sheffield said, “Who else wants some of this?” and walked around with the gun.

Wallace left the scene with an individual by the name of Edmond to notify the family of Boyd and Clark.  

At the second trial, petitioner called Robert Mays, Jr. whose testimony contradicted that of Wallace. May’s was a friend of Petitioners who was at the Wheels of Joy Club on the night of the shootings.  (RR:V15pp 5-6) Mays did not know the victims, but did observe a scuffle outside the club around closing time.  Someone yelled they were going to get their stuff, (meaning guns) and two or three black males ran across the street and got into a white car.  Mays also testified they were going to shoot him.  They had guns in the car and the white car came across the street into the parking lot at a high speed and tried to run over Mays and others including Petitioner who tried to get out of the way.  The car hit some bushes preventing it from striking Mays and the car backed up and tried to come at Mays again.  Mays made a quick getaway and heard shots as he fled the scene.  

Now let me show you how ineffective my attorneys were in my first two trials:  

During the Bill of Exception, trial counsel presented evidence of Boyd’s prior criminal history which consisted of multiple unlawful carrying of weapon charges along with six aggravated robbery with deadly weapon charges.   (RR:V21:pp-9) Counsel, in his offer of proof of evidence, which the court denied upon objection by the State, requested that he present evidence of Boyd’s reputation for violence in support of Petitioners claim of self defense.  (RR:V21:pp-5-9)  

Because the trial court, after objection from the State’s prosecutors, denied Petitioner the opportunity to present essential evidence to the jury on his self-defense claim, Petitioner was deprived of due process and denied a fair and impartial trial under the Fourteenth Amendment to the Constitution of the United States .  In effect the trial court’s failure to allow evidence that the victim was the aggressor denied the right to due process guaranteed by the Fourteenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution because it prevented Petitioners from receiving a fair trial.  See Duncan v. Henry, 513 US364. 366 (1995)  

It is axiomatic that the state cannot keep critical testimony from the witness stand.  Washington v. State of Texas .  388 US 14 (1967) In this case, it is a denial of the due process clause of both the Fifth and Fourteenth Amendments to preclude character evidence of Boyd.  

Applicant was deprived of the right to due process and a fair and impartial trial under the Fourteenth Amendment to the US Constitution when the trial court denied applicant the right to offer evidence of Boyd’s reputation for violent acts in support of applicant’s claim of justification in the use of deadly force.  

Argument and Authorities  

 The testimony by Robert Mays, Jr. raised an issue of self defense, and although the trial court included self defense instructions within the jury charge (CR:1V.pp-525-30), the trial court denied Petitioner the opportunity to introduce

Reputation evidence of Boyd’s character for violence, (RR:V21.pp5-19). In fact, the State convinced the trial court that evidence of Boyd’s criminal record was not relevant and was prejudicial to Petitioner’s self-defense claims…  

As you have read in the above evidence, the D.A.was able to convince the judge that Mr. Boyd’s criminal history and criminal record was not relevant and was prejudicial to my self defense claims…  First off it amazes me as how the State was able to convince the judge that Mr. Boyd’s criminal history of multiple unlawful carrying of weapon charges along with six aggravated robbery with deadly weapon charges were not relevant and were prejudicial to my self defense claims.  

I will tell you why the D.A.’S office did not want the jury to hear of his or Mr. Clark’s criminal history’s because there is no way they would have found me guilty.  But if my attorneys would have been on top of there jobs and just read the supplementary Police report from the San Antonio Police Department by Detective T. Matjeka badge # 2353 and Sergeant E. Well of homicide.  And called, Knowles Edward Ray, as a witness on my behalf, this is what the jury would have heard about 15 year old Patrick Clark.  Also he would have been able to open the door on Samuel Boyd and his criminal history as they were friends.  Here is what Mr. Knowles had to say in his statement to Detective T. Matjeka:  


1.) Knowles, Edward Ray B/M 09/05/75

240 Longview .  This person was with Patrick Clark before the shooting and was at the club with the complainant before the shooting and witnessed a disturbance between the complainants and the actor.  He was not at the club at the time of the shooting.  


At 2330 hrs.. I received a call from Night CID.  They informed me that Eddie Ray had been contacted by Sutton Homes Security and had agreed to come to the station to give me a statement.  I returned to the station and contacted Eddie Rav..Eddie Rav’s real name is Eddie Ray Knowles and he agreed to give me a statement about what he knew about the complainant’s murder.  He told me on the night of the murder he had been in the Sutton Hones with Patrick Clark, Shane Clark, Tridell Robinson, Eddie Cruz and a girl named Mary.  He stated he left with Eddie Cruz and went to Randy Davis’ house.  A short time later Clark came over claiming the police had beat him up and he asked Knowles for a gun.  Knowles refused and Clark left with a girl named Marian, going back to Sutton Hones Knowles returned to Sutton Hones and again spoke with Clark .  It was Clark ’s idea to go to the Wheels of Joy Club.

Knowles stated they went to the club and while they were there he saw Frank Mackey (Also know as Frank Moore) talking to some girls.  Knowles knows Mackey and claimed they talked about the old times and he shook hands ith him.  He said Mackey also shook hands with Clark and Ernest Bedford, who was also at the club.  Knowles said that Clark was getting gin from some guy in the club and he saw Clark inside talking to Boyd.

He said that Clark started talking crazy and getting aggressive, but they calmed him down.  Clark became aggressive again and Knowles said he decided to leave and get something to eat.  He stated that he and Tridell Robinson and Chuck Rhodes left and went to Taco Cabana on Walzem. After eating Rhodes asked Knowles to go back by the club because he was worried.  As they arrived they saw the shooting had occurred.  Knowles said that Tridell Robinson spoke to two guys in a car and one of the guys told him that Frank Mackey had shot the complainants.  I asked for the name of the man who told this to Robinson and he told me it was Edmond Davis who said it.  

At neither trial were Mr. Knowles called, so the jury’s were never able to hear of Mr. Clark’s actions leading up to me killing him that night or his actions before coming to the club that night.  And how he was acting at the club and the way he was being aggressive with me at the club before the shooting took place.  

Now let’s get to Ms. Angela Wallace, the State’s star witness who testified at both of my trials for the State.  She stated that she did not see Mr. Clark or Mr. Boyd drinking at the club that night, but we know both of them were acutely intoxicated that night at the times of their deaths.  From reading the deputy medical examiners testimony at my trial, and from reading (page one) of this story, also that Mr. Clark was getting (gin) from some guy in the club that is from Mr. Knowles statement.  So she lied about them being drunk.  She also lied under oath at both trials not only about them drinking and acting crazy at the club that night.  She also lied to the court and jury about Ivory Sheffield, giving me the riffle that night. Because on page 12 of 26 in the supplementary police report Ms.Wallace states to Det. T. Matjeka Badge # 2353 and homicide Sgt  Ewell as reads in her interview below.  

San Antonio                                   Supplementary Report

Police Department                         SAPD forn 3=L rev. (9-90)




Officers Making Report No. 3     Approving Authority    Unit Assigned to follow up


Det. T. Matjeka 2353                    Sgt. Ewell                     Homicide


Interview with Angela Wallace:  

After the shooting the actor handed the gun to the black male who tossed it him and then fled in a dirty brown Cadillac with a leather top. She stated that she and Davis left and picked up the complainant’s relatives and brought them back to the scene.  I showed Wallace the photo line up containing the actor’s picture and asked her if she recognized anybody.  She pointed to the actor’s picture and told me that was Frank, the ma who had shot the complainants. I showed Wallace the photo line up containing the picture of Ivory Sheffield and asked her if she recognized any of the men.  Wallace was unable to identify anyone in the line up. Wallace signed, dated, and placed the time on the back of the actor’s picture at my request.


San Antonio                                                       Supplementary Report

Police Department                                             Page 12 of 26

                                    Offense Classification

                                        Capital Murder  

Now that you have read her testimony from page one and now her statement to Det. T. Matjeka and Sgt. Ewell, along with Mr. Knowles, and also Robert Mays testimony at my trial which contradicts what she said that happened that night.

And let me ask you this, she states she new no one at the club that night, that she was in San Antonio to attend the funeral of her uncle.  But in her testimony she testified that she and a friend named Lisa went to the ice house across from the Wheel of Joy Club.  Now follow me on this, Mr. Boyd was Lisa’s boyfriend so who’s side to you think she is going to take in this situation?  She also testified that Ivory Sheffield threw the riffle to me, but once again we know she is lying because Robert Perry Smith also gave a statement to Det. T. Matjeka and Sgt. Ewell in the supplementary Police report that he handed me the gun.  

7.  Smith, Robert Perry: B/M 06/20/77

8726 Five Palms… this witness admitted to handling the rifle to the actor, at the actor’s request, before the shooting.  He denied seeing the shooting but heard the shots.  He positively identified the actor in a photo line up.  (Statements taken)  

After reading pages one threw three, I would like to state again that the 12 people on my jury never heard any of this information or any of these statements that was made to the police, which would have contradicted everything Ms. Wallace got up on the stand and under oath to tell the truth and nothing but the truth.

But what did she do?  She lied and now I sit on death row because my lawyers didn’t do their job.  Where is the justice in that?  And also think about this, Ms. Wallace has been able to get up in front of a jury and tell these same lies not once , but twice.  After a lot of research and had work by people who support me in this fight for my life and justice, I was able to find these statements that would have helped me win this case if my lawyers had done their job, but they didn’t do a pre-trial investigation into these men or other potential witnesses, need I say more?  No, but I will leave you with these last words, “How can a lawyer whose job it is to defend you life and freedom and bring you justice in a court of law, not know of these police reports”? Were they withheld by the state? I don’t know because it was eight years after my first trial that I learned these statements were made because I would have made sure these people were called to my trial.  

At the moment, three new witnesses have come forward and once again contradicted Ms. Wallace’s testimony.  You will be able to read each sworn statement as they were given they will be attached to my story for your reading.  

Let me tell you a little about myself, by no stretch of the imagination am I a choirboy of a human being.  This is what the state used to convict me.  Yes I was a drug dealer and a gang member also when I was younger, but none of this had any thing to do with me killing those two young men, it was a case of do or die that night.  The state made sure that the jury new I was a drug dealer and gang member and of my past criminal history, but at the same time as you have read, they made sure the jury didn’t hear of their criminal history.  

With the three new witnesses coming forward and giving sworn statements to what happened that night.  David K. Sergi & Associates, along with David Dow of Texas Innocence Network have filed a subsequent Application for Writ of Habeas Corpus and requested for Stay of Execution.  On my behalf as of the 18th November, 2008 at this time the Court of Criminal Appeals of Texas has not ruled on it.  

Before I end this I would like to thank Mr. Flowers and Mr. Neal, along with Ms. Sullivan for coming forward and telling what they saw that night.  And I would also like to give thanks to god for answering my prayers in giving these people the strength to do what they felt was right after reading about my pending execution.  

I also would like to say God bless you to all the special people who have supported me in my struggle for my life and freedom over the years starting with my moms – Mom-Z as we call her, you know you are loved and appreciated by me always.  To my wife Danielle Moore, for you’re love and support as I sit in this cage 22 hours a day.  To Ann for the love and support she gives. To Roxanne and family.  To my uncle Mox, for keeping it real at all times.  Also, to Lillian and Ruby along with the cat family, lol…

My sister Alison ad her family, love you…  To my brothers and sisters and kids who have kept it real with me, I love you, you know who you are.  And finally all the supporters I didn’t mention.      

Yours truly  

Frank Cash Moore

p.s. Anyone interested in joining my struggle and fight for my life please contact me at:


Frank Moore #999210

Polunsky Unit,

3872 FM 350South,

Livingston , Texas 77351  





A Summary of the Facts of my case  - 2004

Statement of Facts  - 2004 

Eine Zusammenfassung der Fakten meines Falles

Erklärung der Tatsachen



To whom it may concerns,

My name is Frank Moore, and I'm a prisioner on Texas Death Row. I am a black male, 44 years old. Hoping to find a pen friend to get to know and build a strong friendship with. I enjoy reading, playing chess, and politics. I spend alot of time listening to talk, Radio and the on going debate about Kerry and Bush, and the Iraq war that helps me pass time seeing I am locked in my cell 23 hours a day. I do the best I can to keep both my mind and body in the best shape I can. I am 5'11- I weigh 192 ibs - I am bald head - and have brown eyes. I will answer all letters and hope to meet someone that I can express myself to freely and will express themselves as well.


Frank Moore 




In Self Defense: 

A Summary of the Facts of my case

                      By Frank Moore


My name is Frank Moore and I have been on Texas' death row since November 20, 1996. I still sit here on death row after two trials (in large part) because of the ineffective assistance of counsel. In my first trial which took place in 1994, my life was in the ineffective hands of court appointed attorneys. My investigator had a heart attack and did no work on my case. Again in 1998 my court appointed attorneys were grossly ineffective; they did nothing to help ftee me or to save me ftom a capital conviction.

 I am now about to enter the Federal Court stage of my appeal. I am greatly concerned that pertinent facts that here to fore have not been made evident might again escape the review of the judges, this time at the federal level. Because of the nature of my representation, far away in a distant city, I have not been able to speak to my court appointed attomeys in months. In this critical fight for my existence, I need to be able to communicate with my counsel. My only hope now is to attempt at this late hour to raise some money for a proper legal defense to save my life. 

The following are the facts and evidence of my case:

On the night of January 21, 1994 my brother, my cousin and I were leaving the Wheels of Joy club around 2:00 AM when three angry men confronted us. I was 34 years old then. These three men were angry because my brother saw two of them terrorizing a young woman in the parking lot of the club earlier that night. One of the men hit the young woman; the other put out a lit cigarette on her face causing her to scream out in pain. Their reputation for intimidating people was well known in the community and they were not used to anyone having the courage to speak up against them. The confrontation with them in light of my brother speaking up against what he observed them doing to the young woman, was apparently unavoidable. They were not in a state of mind (The record would later show them to be high on both alcohol and on methamphetamines) to listen to reason so a fight broke out between the three of them and the three of us there in the parking lot of the club.

    Two of the men, Patrick Clark and Samuel Boyd ran away from the fight and jumped into a white car. They started the car up and tried to run over the three of us-my cousin, my brother, and me. We were narrowly missed as we hurriedly jumped out of the way. The two of them were determined to hit us with the car. They tried a second time to run over us with the car.

I acted in self-defence on the night of January 21, 1994 . On that fateful night of January 21, 1994 , I was in a fight for my life just as I am now in 2004 as I sit here in a cell on Texas ' death row. Now, the only way that I can defend myself is to raise funds with the intent to hire an effective defence attorney along with the investigators and experts to fight the state of Texas for my life. It is my deeply held belief; based on the facts of the case, that if my counsel had been effective and competent at either my first or second trial I would not be here now.

On June 10,h 1998

The Texas Court of Criminal Appeals tossed out my murder conviction on the grounds of self-defence. The appeals court ordered a new trial for me. If anyone wishes to read the appeals court full ruling you can find it at the TDCJ Web site, look for Frank Moore Appellant v. No. 72,543 The State of Texas. It is public record.

In the very near future I hope to have a Web site containing a full profile of my case. In the interim, anyone who would like more information on my case can write to me and I will send you copies of legal statements of facts. My address is as follows: 


Frank Moore 999210

Polunsky Unit D. R. 3872

FM 350 South

Livingston , Texas 77351



Statement of Facts  

Statement of facts from my second trial when again, I was convicted by a ofcapital murder and sentenced to death on July 13, 1999.

Once again the conviction was the result ineffectiveness of assistance of counsel.

Specific Acts of Deficient Conduct By Trial Counsel

The evidence is factually insufficient such tbat the verdict rendered is so lltrary to the overwhelming weight of the evidence as to be clearly wrong and unjust, in violation of Albert C. Lewis v. Stare ofTexas. No. TC-96-05­7 Tex. Crim. App. 

1. Appellant did not provoke this incident with the two complainants who did.

2. One of the complainants who was driving the white vehicle tried twice to run over or crush the appellant, bis brother, and his cousin. 

3. Trial counsel failed to conduct apre-trial investigation into potential       witnesses including witnesses Josie Wilford and Darlene Hopkins who were with Applicant just prior 10 the shooting.

4.   4. Trial Counsel failed to conduct a pre-trial investigation into the potential witness, Edmond Davis, who was a witness to the events leading up to the shooting. This witness could have provided testimony on the issue of self-defense. This witness could also have provided testimony on the issue of whether either Clark or Boyd were armed at the time of the incident; he could have provided testimony on the issue of their guns being removed by family members prior to the arrival police at the crime scene.

5. Trial counsel failed to conduct apre-trial investigation 10 determine whether Perry Smith' s fingerprints were found on the murder weapon.

6. Trial counsel failed to introduce the testimony of Tyrone Parks, either      directly or by prior testimony as an unavailable witness for the purpose of the issue of self-defense.

I could go on a1l day commenting on the ineffectiveness of my trial counsel, but I won' t because time is ticking on my life. My need to raise funds in order to be ahle to hire an investigator and effective assistance of counsel grows more critical each day. Please contact me if you wish to help me in this fight for my life. Any donation from the smallest to the most generous will help in the effort to save my life. Thank yon for your contribution and thank you for your support.


Frank Moore # 999210 

Polunsky Unit D. R. 3872 FM 350 South

Livingston, Texas 77351 U.8.A.


Thank You.                                                



An alle, die es betreffen möge:


Mein Name ist Frank Moore und ich bin ein Häftling im Todestrakt von Texas. Ich bin ein männlicher Schwarzer, 44 Jahre alt und hoffe auf diesem Weg eine Briefbekannschaft zu finden, mit der ich eine feste Freundschaft  aufbauen kann. Ich lese gerne, spiele Schach und interessiere mich für die Politik. Ich verbringe viel Zeit mit Radio hören, den Unterhaltungen zu folgen und den andauernden Debatten über Kerry und Bush und den Irak Krieg, was mir dabei hilft, die Zeit zu vertreiben, da ich ja 23 Stunden am Tag in einer Zelle eingesperrt bin. Ich tue alles, um meinen Geist und Körper fit zu halten. Ich bin 1,80  groß, ich wiege 192 Pfund, ich bin kahlköpfig und habe braune Augen. 


Ich werde alle Briefe beantworten und hoffe auf diesem Weg jemanden kennen zu lernen, mit dem ich mich frei austauschen kann und der sich frei fühlt, das gleiche mir gegenüber zu tun.




Frank Moore No. 999210

Polunksky Unit, Death Row

3872 F.M. 350 South

Livingston , Texas 77351



Meine Selbstverteidigung: 

Eine Zusammenfassung der Fakten meines Falles von Frank Moore  

Mein Name ist Frank Moore und ich bin in der Todeszelle von Texas seit dem 20. November 1996. Ich sitze immer noch hier in der Todeszelle nach 2 Verhandlungen (im Großen und Ganzen) wegen der unfähigen  Anklagevertretung. In meinem ersten Verfahren, welches 1994 stattfand, war mein Leben in der Hand von unfähigen vom Gericht gestellten Anwälten. Mein Privatdetektiv hatte einen Herzanfall und arbeitete nicht an meinem Fall. Wieder waren im Jahr 1998 meine vom Gericht gestellten Anwälte sehr unfähig; sie taten nichts um mich freizubekommen oder mich vor einer Todesstrafe zu schützen. 

Jetzt  reiche ich meine Berufung vor dem Bundesgericht ein. Ich mache mir große Sorgen, dass wiederum Fakten, die bislang nicht vorgetragen wurden, wieder von den Richtern  vom Bundesgerichtshof unbeachtet gelassen werden. Wegen meiner Vertretung, weit weg in einer anderen Stadt, hatte ich seit Monaten keine Möglichkeit, mit meinem Pflichtverteidiger zu sprechen. In diesem kritischen Kampf um meine Existenz brauche ich die Möglichkeit, mit meinem Verteidiger zu sprechen. Meine einzige Hoffnung zu diesem späten Zeitpunkt ist es, Geld für einen guten legale Verteidigung  zu beschaffen um mein Leben zu retten. 

Folgendes sind Fakten und Beweise in meinem Fall:  

In der Nacht vom 21. Januar 1994 verließ mein Bruder, mein Cousin und ich den Club “Wheels of Joy” so circa 2:00 Uhr morgens. Ich war damals 34 Jahre alt. Diese drei Männer waren wütend, weil mein Bruder sie beobachtete, wie zwei von ihnen eine junge Frau auf dem Parkplatz des Clubs früher an diesem Abend terrorisierten. Einer von ihnen schlug die junge Frau; der anderer drückte eine brennende Zigarette auf ihrem Gesicht aus, wobei sie schmerzhafte Schreie ausstieß. Deren Bekanntheit dafür, Leute einzuschüchtern, war bekannt in der Gemeinde und sie waren es nicht gewöhnt, dass jemand den Mut aufbringt, ihnen zu widersprechen. Die Konfrontation mit ihnen und meinem Bruder, der ihnen sagte, was er gesehen hat, war unausweichlich. Sie waren nicht in fähig (das Protokoll wird später zeigen, dass sie alkoholisiert waren und Amphetamine genommen hatten) um zu diskutieren, sodass ein Kampf zwischen den Dreien und uns Drei auf dem Parkplatz des Clubs ausbrach. 

Zwei der Männer, Patrick Clark und Samuel Boyd rannten vom Kampf weg und sprangen in ein weißes Auto. Sie starteten das Auto und versuchten, drei von uns – meinen Cousin, meinen Bruder und mich zu überfahren. Wir wurden nur knapp verpasst als wir schnell aus dem Weg sprangen. Die Beiden wollten uns unbedingt mit dem Auto anzufahren. Sie versuchten es ein zweites Mal uns zu überfahren. An diesem Abend, dem 21. Januar 1994 war es Selbstverteidigung. In dieser fatalen Nacht vom 21. Januar 1994 habe ich um mein Leben gekämpft, wie ich es auch heute im Jahr 2004 mache, während ich hier in einer Zelle im Texas Todestrakt sitze. Jetzt ist der einzige Weg, mich zu verteidigen, der, Geld in einem Fond zu beschaffen um einen guten Verteidiger und einen Detektiv und Experten anzustellen um den Staat von Texas für mein Leben zu bekämpfen. Es ist mein fester Glaube; basierend auf den Fakten des Falles, wenn mein  Anwalt wirksam und kompetent bei meiner ersten und zweiten Verhandlung gewesen wäre, würde ich heute nicht hier sein. 

 10. Juni 1998 

Das Berufungsgericht von Texas hat meine Verurteilung wegen Mord verworfen. Das Berufungsgericht hat eine neue Verhandlung für mich anberaumt. Wenn jemand die ganze Entscheidung des Berufungsgerichts lesen möchte, kann man es finden unter der TDCJ Web site , , dann unter Frank Moore Appelant v. No. 72, 543 The State of Texas nachsehen. Es ist öffentlich hinterlegt. 

In naher Zukunft hoffe ich, eine Webseite aller Unterlagen  meines Falles zu haben. In der Zwischenzeit kann jeder, der weitere Informationen haben möchte, mir direkt schreiben und ich werde Kopien meiner juristischen Schreiben schicken. Hier meine Adresse:

Frank Moore No. 999210

Polunsky Unit D. R. 3872

F.M. 350 South

Livingston, Texas 77351



Erklärung der Tatsachen:


Erklärungen der Tatsachen meiner zweiten Verhandlung, als ich wieder von einer Jury am 13. July 1999 wegen kapitalen Mordes angeklagt und zum Tode verurteilt wurde. 

Wieder war die Verurteilung das Ergebnis der unfähigen Verteidigung. Insbesondere die mangelhafte Führung des Pflichtverteidigers.

Die Beweise sind unzweifelhaft unzureichend, und auch das berühmte Urteil so entgegengesetzt zu den überwältigenden und gewichtigen Beweisen außer Zweifel falsch und ungerecht ist (Quelle: Albert C. Lewis v. Staat Texas. Nr. TC-96-05-017 Tex. Crim. App.)

Der Berufungskläger hat dieses Ereignis nicht mit den beiden Beklagten provoziert, welche

2. Einer der beiden, welcher das weiße Auto fuhr, wollte zweimal den Beklagten, seinen Bruder und den Cousin an- und überfahren.

3. Prozessverteidiger versagten darin, in der Vorverhandlung potentielle Zeugen wie Josie Wilford und Darlene Hopkins zu laden, welche mit dem Berufungskläger vor der Schießerei zusammen waren.

Prozessverteidiger unterließen es auch, den potenziellen Zeugen Edmond Davis, welcher das Geschehen, welches zur Tat führte, beobachtete, vorzuladen. Dieser Zeuge hätte bezeugen können, dass es Selbstverteidigung war. Dieser Zeuge hätte auch bezeugen können, dass entweder Clark oder Boyd zur Tatzeit bewaffnet waren; er hätte bezeugen können, dass die Tatwaffen von deren Familienangehörigen vor Ankunft der Polizei am Tatort weggeschafft wurden.

5. Prozessverteidiger unterließen es auch bei der Vorverhandlung festzustellen, ob Fingerabdrücke von Perry Smith auf der Tatwaffe waren.

6. Prozessverteidiger unterließen es, das Geständnis von Tyrone Parks einzubringen, vor und direkt nach der Tat um die Selbstverteidigung zu beweisen.


Ich könnte noch lange die Unfähigkeit meiner Verteidiger kommentieren, aber das werde ich nicht, denn die Schlinge zieht sich um meinen Hals. Die Möglichkeit, Geldmittel mit Fonds zu beschaffen, um einen Detektiv und einen fähigen Verteidiger zu beschaffen, wird täglich kritischer. Bitte kontaktiert mich, wenn ihr mir bei dem Kampf um mein Leben helfen möchtet. Jede Spende von der kleinsten bis zur großzügigsten wird mir dabei helfen. Danke für deine Mühe und Zeit und deine Unterstützung.


Mit freundlichen Grüßen


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